Find your Router’s IP address

Usually a network router has two IP addresses. One IP for the Local Area Network (LAN) which is used internally, the other for Wide Area Network which is external. Both IPs are denoted in digits separated by dots.

LAN IP address is set upon the manufacturing of the product. It is a default address given to each of the device manufactured by a particular company. For example, Netgear and D-link routers have as their LAN IP address. Linksys routers have as their IP address. It varies from one company to another.  This IP address is fixed unless an administrator changes in manually. You can go to the internet and type the name of the router to get its default IP address. One other way is to look at the box or the packing of the router. You can also find IP’s address from the router’s administrative homepage. You can also change your router’s LAN IP.

WAN IP address is a value assigned to your router when it connects to internet. WAN IP is fixed or rotating depending upon your internet service provider (ISP). WAN IP address can also been determined through router’s administrative homepage. The simplest way however is to visit a website which offers free IP lookup. There are plenty you can find through search engines.

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