How Do I Find my IP address if I’m using Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most user-friendly and easy to operate Windows to date. You do need some getting used to if you are switching from XP or other Windows, but in couple of days you get so used to Windows 7 than every other operating system seems difficult.

Since every other function is easy, finding IP address in Windows 7 is also very easy. No matter you are using a wireless adaptor, router, modem or a wired connection.

These steps will help you determine your IP address.

Click on the Windows icon that is placed in the bottom of your screen

A writing space will appear below All Programs. Type cmd in the space and press Enter

Command prompt will appear on your screen. Type ipconfig and press Enter

The command prompt screen will show you multiple numbers. The number against IPv4 is your IP address. It will look something like this:

There is also an alternative way. If you do not wish to use command prompt, you can obtain your IP address directly. Follow these simple steps:

Click on the Windows icon that is placed in the bottom of your screen

Type Network and Sharing Center and locate it. Click on the Network and Sharing Center

A new window will open leading to the Network and Sharing Center.

If you are using a direction connection, click on Local Area Network. If you are using wireless connection, click on Wireless Network Connection

Click on the Details button

Your IP address will be visible in front of IPv4.

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