How do I find my IP address?

IP address is the unique address given to every computing device which is linked to the internet. Many people wish to know their IP addresses for variable reasons. Finding an IP address is very easy.

The simplest way to find your IP address is through free internet sites that detect your IP and tell you its details. Open any search engine and write “what is my IP address?” there. You will get hundreds of websites which will let you know what your IP is.

Another way to find you IP address is via command prompt. Follow these directions to determine your IP address:

Click on Start button

Click on Run

Type cmd in the Run window

Press Enter

Command prompt window will open, type ipconfig and press Enter

You will be shown a number under IPv4 tag in this format: That will be your IP address.

There is also a way other than command prompt, if you are using Windows. Here are the instructions:

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Locate My Network Places and click to open them
  3. Click on the Properties of Network Places
  4. Double click on Local Area Connection if you are using a wired connection
  5. Double click on Wireless Network Connection if you are using a wireless device
  6. Next click on the Support and click details. A window will show up which will display your IP address.

Keep in mind that if your modem is connected through a PPP, your IP address will keep rotating. You will have a new IP address every time you connect to the internet.

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Good information.Yes i agree with you we can find ip address via command prompt and free internet sites.I wish to share my view i usually find the ip address using this site.Here we can also find the IP Address details(country, ISP, address etc) from IP Address.

Good post…Usually,I use to get my public IP.