How do I find physical location through IP address?

Realistically, it cannot be done. Determining the exact physical street address through an IP is both theoretically and practically impossible. The good thing is that it can get you close. Close enough to let you know in which part of the city a user is sitting. But every process invented to track down IP location is not full proof. Sometimes, the IPs provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP) are rotating. Secondly, People who want anonymity keep changing their IPs through proxy software. Software and programs can keep your IP hidden or can give a wrong location. A person sitting in England can use a software program and get himself an IP address of India. There are plenty of online sites and software which offer this service.

The most straightforward and effortless way of knowing details about an IP address is through free online IP locators. When you enter an IP onto their website you see the following details:

  • Hostname
  • ISP
  • Organization,
  • Type (Static or Dynamic)
  • Proxy
  • Assignment
  • Country
  • State
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Area Codes
  • Postal Code

This is information you can access about an IP address without any trouble. It will give you an idea of which country and city the IP user is situated. Sometimes IP can be tracked down to an organization or institution, if you pick up a trail of IP which leads to multiple corporate IP addresses. Since there are a lot of easy ways of hiding and falsifying an IP address, locating an IP physically is not possible.

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