How do I Trace an IP Address?

Every time you log onto the internet, your computer is given an Internet Protocol (IP) address. When you connect through a router, all the computers using that particular network will share the same IP address but every computer will have its own and exclusive Intranet address. On a network, your IP to your computer is like your street address to your house. To send you information to your house, one will require your street address. Similarly the online information is sent through IP address.

Here are the straightforward steps which can lead you to a person who is violating your privacy, trying to obtain hidden information or simply sending your undesired emails:

  • Click on the Start button at the bottom of your screen, if you are using 7 or Vista, click on the Windows icon and type cmd.
  • You will see many programs, find and click on Run
  • Type either cmd or Command
  • Click OK to load MS DOS prompt
  • Type in netstat –n (with the space)
  • Next press Enter.
  • After pressing Enter, a list will appear which will show you all the connections and IP addresses.
  • This command will not only show you your IP under Local Address field but also the list of all the IPs you are currently connected to under Foreign IP field. For example, if you are emailing or receiving emails from two people at the time, their IPs will be shown separately. This makes it very easy to determine any IP from the source.
  • Not only will the command netstat –nab bring you IP addresses; it will also detect the different programs that are connected to the foreign IP addresses. This would help you track down IP address of any person who is contacting you through MSN, emails, networking etc.

Tracing an IP address is very simple, but bear in mind that IP will not give you’re the exact location. It would only give out information such as the area in which a user is sitting. Still, it can give you enough to track a person down or file a protest against him.

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People could also be using software such as hide my ass to hide their location making even more difficult to trace