How to Block an IP Address through Norton Internet Security

IP addresses are very easy to block. IP addresses can be blocked simply through your Windows firewall no matter what Windows you are using. But sometimes when you install antivirus programs such Norton Internet security, they disable the Windows firewall system and apply their own. In such case you will need to block an IP address through Norton Internet Security. Many users get confused by this but it is a very easy and straightforward process.

Like Windows firewall, an IP can be blocked through Norton Internet Security. Here is how:

Load or open the Norton Internet Security program

Locate the Internet field which will be visible straightway. In the field you will find settings tab.

Click on the settings tab.

You will see the Smart Firewall section. In the section you will find Advanced Settings: Configure, click on it.

Next you will find General Rules: Configure, click on it.

Click on the Add button you will find.

You will find a Block tab, click on the tab.

Click on the Next button.

Pick Connections to and from other computers.

Click Next to proceed.

Select the only computers and sites listed below button.

Click on Add button and enter the IP address you wish to block.

Click on OK and after that click on Next (twice or thrice).

You will be required to enter descriptive name for the firewall rule. After entering the description, click on Next.

Click on Finish button to create this new rule that will blocks the desired IP address.

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