How to change an IP address?

Changing the IP address is the most common desire of many users. The topic ‘how to change an IP address’ is discussed and debated commonly among many. The purpose of changing an IP can be anonymity or accessing some content which is blocked for the IP address you are currently using.

Changing an IP address is easy, but you must understand that sometimes your IP cannot be changed because it is determined by your internet service provider’s (ISP) DHCP configuration. The ISP’s configuration can sometimes work against you if you have a dynamic IP.

Say, your ISP’s configuration will allow you to change your IP; it can be the simplest task. Here are the different ways to do it.

Turn off power of your modem/router for a while

Before you get into more ‘advanced’ ways of changing your IP address, simply try turning off the power of your modem or router. Do it for five minutes and most probably your IP address will reset. If the IP address does not change the next step is to keep the modem turned off for eight to 12 hours. This would increase the probability of the IP change even further. Many users say that when their IP has not been changed after five minutes power turnoff, they simply leave it turned off for longer and it works.

This is the simplest trick in the book and you should try this before you start tempering the network connection.

Through command prompt (for Windows)

Click on Start and then on Run

Type CMD in the run tab and press Enter

Command prompt will start and load on your screen

Write ipconfig /release in the command prompt and press Enter

Write ipconfig /renew and press Enter

(Note: make sure you type the command as it is, including spaces)

Another alternative through command prompt

Through command prompt (for Windows)

  • Click on Start and then on Run
  • Type CMD in the run tab and press Enter
  • Command prompt will start and load on your screen
  • Simply type ipconfig /release and press Enter
  • Turn off the computer
  • Switch off the modem
  • Keep them switched off for at least eight hours.
  • Turn all back on again and you will have a new IP

Through proxy software

There are many free proxy software available today. You can use a proxy server to access any information which is not available in your country or through your IP. Proxy servers change your IP and take an IP from thousands available throughout the world. You can be sitting in England you’re but the new IP address assigned may be from Mexico. This would show your location in Mexico and allow you to access the information which may not be available to England users. Some proxy software programs also give you anonymity, i.e. they hide your IP address so no one can trace you.

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thank u for this i have tried this but still not working. i am about to do the after 8 hours one. pls would you tell me which proxy software to get and in which website. thanks will be waiting for your answer


Good post…I usually switch OFF and ON the internet connection and check for the changed IP through