How to Change IP Address through Router?

Routers whether they are connected to the internet or not will open up their admin page when you type You can check online to see what the password and username of that router is. Normally they are admin/admin or based on the name of the company e.g. Motorola/Motorola etc. One you have that information, here is what to do:

Type in your browser’s address bar and it will take you to the router’s homepage (admin page).

By entering username and password you will be able to access the router’s settings.

Once you are in, release the IP address. The process is different for different routers, but you can easily find how to do it on the internet.

After releasing the IP address, switch off the router, hubs and switches along with the modem.

Leave everything switched off for at least eight hours.

When you turn everything on again, your IP will be changed.

Please not that if you are using a DSL modem and a router, tries to connect the modem directly to your computer. This will most probably enable your ISP’s DHCP configuration to assign you a new IP, which is based on the MAC address of the Ethernet card you are using. In case nothing is working and you wish to use router, you can try cloning the MAC address. It is an option which will renew your IP address.

One way of changing an IP address is simply contacting your ISP and request them to assign you a new IP. You can also ask them that how long you need to turn off the system for the IP change to take place.

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