The Easiest Way of Determining your IP Address

If you want to understand the complexities of networking, finding your own IP address is the first step. You’ll learn how to track IP, what an IP can do, what information can be obtained through IP and what cannot be obtained. Even if you want to change your IP, the initial step would be to determine it.

There are many ways to determine IP address of any device. There are slightly complicated ways and there are also very straight forward ways. Here are two of the simplest ways there are to find your IP address.

Through MS DOS prompt

By using MS DOS prompt, you can get very detailed information on your IP or other IPs you are connected to. There are different set of commands which show different results. The simplest way of getting hold of your IP is:

Click on the Start button which is located at bottom of the left side of the screen. After this click on Run, when the window opens, type in cmd. The DOS prompt will open. Type Ipconfig and press Enter. You will see your IP address and your masked IP on your screen.

(Start – Run – cmd – Type Ipconfig)

Through Online IP Checkers

You see now days, no information is hard to access. The easiest way to determine your IP address and its details is through different free online checkers. There are multitudes of websites, just type something like ‘My IP address’ and you be directed to different sites which obtain your IP by using different applications. Get My IP Address, What is My IP Address, IP Lookup etc. to name a few.

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