What can an IP address Finder do?

Finding IP addresses and tracing down IPs are very simple and straightforward jobs. First you will have to accept the fact that IP address will not take you to the physical street address of the user.  However, you will have the important information such as what country the IP address is originating from? What ISP is providing this address and also you can find the city of the user.

IP address can be found through many ways. The easiest way of finding your own IP address is to Google something like ‘what is my IP address?’ and you’ll be given access to multiple websites which will show you your current IP address. To find someone else’s IP, the best way is to open Command Prompt by typing cmd in the run box. Next type in the word: netstat, you will be shown IPs of anyone connected to you.

After determining someone’s IP it becomes much simpler. Open a search engine and type IP address finder, locator or you can write ‘find details about an IP address‘. The search engines will automatically give you the links of many free sites. In those free sites, all you have to do is to enter the IP address and you will get the details about ISP and location etc. This is what an IP address finder can do and how they work.

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Thanks for the info. I have a question. If I use a VPN, checked it for efficiency by means of https://2ip.io/privacy/ , will the IP Finder still be able to determine my location? Thank you