What information can an IP address finder disclose?

Mostly an IP address is very easily to determine. This has lead many people to believe that IP can reveal a great deal. This is not true; IP addresses can reveal very little details. Personal name or exact physical location cannot be determined through an IP.

Only the internet service providers (ISP) have access to the physical location of an IP, without getting them involved it is virtually impossible to determine some user’s location. Some ISPs also have personal names against IP addresses; again without the discretion of IP there is no tool that can get you that information.

But this doesn’t mean that IP address cannot give you anything at all, an IP address can give you the following information with ease:

  • Hostname
  • ISP name
  • Organization name
  • Proxy
  • Type (Dynamic/Static)
  • Assignment
  • Country
  • State
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Area codes
  • Postal codes

Some users claim that they have found the exact location of a PC through IP address. They say that once they have the longitude and latitude of the house, they use a sit to convert that longitude and latitude to a general location. Then with some help of GPS equipment, they were able to find the exact house the PC was in. This idea is yet to be tested and many users say it doesn’t work due to various reasons.

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