What is my IP address?

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number given to the electronic devices such as computer, printer, scanner, modems etc in a specific computer network. Every computer network uses a standard called Internet Protocol Standard. In other words the IP address is more like your home address on the given network. Just like your home address gives out the details about the location of your home; your IP address conveys the details regarding your computer’s location on the network.

When somebody wants to know that “what is my IP address?” He may want to track and use his IP for multiple reasons such as online gaming, remote desktop connection, tracing an email, proxy identification and also for making themselves disappear virtually by hiding their IP address. Some people want to change their IP address to access the online content which is not available within their country. For example, Facebook is banned in China, but people still can access Facebook. How? Well that’s the magic of IP. A user changes his IP and sets one of another country; his location on the network becomes India for example, therefore allowing him to use Facebook.

Many internet uses think that by tracing an IP they can find out the exact physical location of the user using that IP. This is not true, and is not possible at all. What you can get closest is the name of the city in which IP is located. The other things it reveals are the Hostname, ISP, Organization, Proxy, Type, Assignment, Country, State, Longitude, Latitude and Area/Postal codes.

IP Address

How do I track my IP?

Is the question ‘what is my IP address’ circling in your head? You can track your IP address by using IP lookup tool. The simplest way to use this tool is to Google something like: What is my IP address? Or my IP address. You will be directed to many sites which use this tool and will be automatically shown information which would include a number like this: That will be your IP address.

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